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  • What is the BobsBlazed Community?
    The BobsBlazed Community is a vibrant online platform curated by a network of dedicated volunteers, bringing together enthusiasts and supporters of the Midjourney research lab. By offering community-centric merchandise, we aim to celebrate our shared passion for design, human infrastructure, and AI while fostering connections and collaboration.
  • Is the BobsBlazed website officially associated with Midjourney?
    Midjourney Inc is not affiliated with BobsBlazed and will not be providing resources or encouragement. While the MJ Community website is not an official entity of the Midjourney research lab, it is passionately built and maintained by volunteers. Our goal is to create a space for enthusiasts to connect, share ideas, and celebrate the lab's innovative research through our unique merchandise.
  • What kind of merchandise does Bob offer?
    Our merchandise collection includes a variety of items such as apparel, accessories, and home goods. The designs boast a blend of wit, knowledge, and sophistication, reflecting the spirit of our community.
  • How can I stay updated on BobsBlazed Community news and events?
    To stay in the loop on the latest BobsBlazed Community news, events, and product launches, make sure to join the Midjourney Discord server and head to the #events channel for updates. Additionally, follow us on our social media channels to engage with our community and receive real-time announcements.
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